Tuesday, 20 December 2011

To greener fields we go

Hello Everypony,

I am pleased to announce that we have joined forces with the guys from LASER
who recently had a hugely successful meet up with over 45 attending bronies!
There was a little chat between the lovely guys at LASER and an idea was
formed. Friendship IS magic and the more friends you have the more fun you

From this little chat it soon became apparent that we should work together
and not try to keep ourselves separate and end up causing confusion and
discord throughout the UK brony community.

What started as a small conversation soon spread to an idea, that idea? We
should unite, and unite we have! This has come to the formation of the
United Kingdom of Equestria. Our aim is to provide a central location for all
UK and English bronies to unite in chat, fun and event organising.

Now I must address some concerns I am sure you will have, the first and most
important is going to be in bold so there is no misunderstanding.

The London Pub meet is not cancelled, or changed in any way.

This means that nothing has changed, the same team are involved. The same
plan is in effect, the same everything in fact is going forward. However with
the joining of the groups the guys from LASER will be helping out too so
nothing will be taken away, just lots of awesomeness added.

Over at ukofequestria.co.uk you will find a lovely forum which has been hand
crafted for all of our pony needs, some places to kick back and chat and a
far better way to get event information out in a sensible way without
causing confusion. People can be kept up to date in good time and changes
can be applied to all areas to avoid any confusion.

This site will be left alive but dormant as all further updates will go via
the new site which we really look forward to seeing you on!

See you over there,

The South England Brony Team
Now a proud part of the United Kingdom of Equestria team

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Then there was tweets, and email too.

Hi there everypony,

Another week has shot by and news is needed. We have been emailing venues like crazy and finding pubs around the London area so almost there on having a home for the event.

People have been contacted and people have contacted us, so we have lots of talking going about on all levels.

In other news yesterday there was a London based meet which was a huge success and has been mentioned on Equestria Daily which is totally awesome. I know some of you popped along so hi to those who went, sadly I wasn't able to attend myself due to a bit of illness so a bit sad I missed out on this.

For those that didn't manage to make it their page is below as well as a link to their Youtube account.

In other news we now have a Twitter feed and a common E-mail address which all of us can access. This should help with keeping in contact with everypony and providing a way to get updates out to everyone.

The twitter is:

The E-mail address is:
SEbronies AT live.co.uk

I am also on the day going to have a spare mobile phone and I have a PAYG SIM card knocking about so what I will do is publish the number shortly before the event so anyone who needs to contact us by phone can do so or text us. This means if you get lost finding us don't panic phone us and we should be able to help out.


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hand Painted Figures


For the upcoming event I will be able to paint some pony figures like the popular Derpy spotted around eBay here: http://derpy.me/KrSY5

I currently have Derpy paints and DJ PON-3/Vinyl Scratch paints. I am able to paint figures from the following list so please comment below with what you will like to see the most and I'll get started on those. 

All figures will be up for grabs as prizes during competitions and I will also think about selling more at a stand for the really popular figures. 

Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Wonderbolts: Spitfire
Wonderbolts: Soarin
Sweetie Belle
Derpy Hooves
Nightmare Moon
Photo Finish
Vinyl Scratch

Also I am able to get/make the Mane 6 too. I will make five copies of the top three chosen and two copies of all others. 

//End Update

Poster O poster where art thou poster?

Hey Everypony,

Things are moving along nicely and in the next few weeks we will be going into promo phases when we can get a venue we really like that can provide what we need.

Costs are being calculated and looks like we will be renting out an event room :) this will allow us to do what we like without any awkwardness :D The quiz rounds are in the final edits which means spell checking and prettying up the screens. My monitor has never seen this much pink lol, and that's just Pinkie running about on desktop ponies!

Now before I digress too much, about the promo. So far we have a rough design for a poster but I'm sure some creative folks can produce something amazing. I'm not going to set too many rules on this, actually as few as I can manage. The only rules are it must include the list below and be a flat 2D image for going up on websites (hopefully EqD amongst others) and being distributed about.

List of requirements:

Maximum A4 for printing reasons but remember it will get shrunk down on sites like EqD
The name of the event which is.... London Brony Pub Day
The venue location with small map - leave a gap for this because we aren't 100% sure on which venue yet
The Date which is 04/02/2012, you can format this how you like.
Time which is going to be noon til late

Submissions can be sent to:

Please keep your source files so edits can be made if needed, sending it as a PNG or PDF file would be preferable for printing and quality reasons.

Hopefully later on today I will be able to provide solid venue details but I can't promise that just yet.

Sharpy x

Monday, 5 December 2011

Cosplay? Sure why not!

Hey Everypony,

Little bit of a random post this one but it was something that has come up in discussion a few times. Cosplay tends to be a bit of an odd one to bring up so I am going to start with this, by no means is cosplay at this event compulsory :) but if you however feel like busting out some pony related cosplay it would be awesome to see!

After a chat with my girlfriend she started to have a look round for various things and found a lovely contact willing to make you ears, wings, necklaces and other miscellaneous pony related cosplay stuff :)

Amber is based on Etsy and ships from the USA to the UK! Trust me after looking at various sites and trying to get hold of odds and ends this is something rather rare, her shop is listed below:


Please give it a browse she has some good stuff and has said that she will consider making things not listed already, for example pegasus wings in yellow ;)

If you are feeling more creative she has some amazing tutorial videos on Youtube that are really worth a look,


Show her some love and I will post up some more updates as and when I have some interesting news for you all.


P.S. I myself have been toying with some pony cosplay related ideas so no need to limit yourself to the mane 6 ;)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Look Who I Found

Yes that is pinkie pie, I found her while wandering the great isles of tescos, unfortunately there is no fluttershy yet, damn you hasbro.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Lists of lists for lists

Hello Everypony,

Sharpy here just giving you all a quick line on how things are progressing,

The first thing I will say on how things are going is how well they are going.

There are no problems with the date so far and venues are being contacted and negotiations starting, The blind bag finds have made some prizes easier to source. Some other prizes for activities are also being sourced as we speak so there will be Pony up for grabs.

The entertainment is well on the way to being sorted out, stream is on the cards still. Music is well on the way. Graphics are being doodled out.

So to sum up all of this Chaos, the project is still in full swing. There is little concrete to put up yet but wanted you all to know there are no problems and the quiet space has been due to us all being busy bees and not a sign of problems.

What I would love everyone to do is to keep spreading word of this. So tell all your brony/pegasis friends out there :D let them know. This is going to be a lot of fun!

In a personal note I am so excited to see the site counter go over the 2k mark! wow that's so amazing I just don't know what to say :D

Sharpy out x